My Packard bell wont boot

My Packard bell wont boot, i get a boot option screen and which ever i choose it wont work, I have just got into safe mode so will try that any suggestions welcome
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  1. Try a system restore to a previous date!
  2. HI , I tried all that usual stuff.

    However I have managed to work it out, went to the disc XP disk and I clicked on a file in there and clicked run, and it went direct to installing windows,

    Cheers for the suggestions anyway , PC now working fine

  3. Oops I posted reply about wrong lappy, I did disover problem with PB as well, hard drive is done, so looking for another HD

    cheers anyway

  4. You are always welcome to this forum with any kind of system problems!
    We are here to help you any time!
  5. thanks guys,

    I am studying my COMPtia and I hope to learn more and also contribute as well,

  6. Your suggestions & contributions are always welcome.
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