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I am trying to install an upgrade of Office from 2000 to 2007 on a Vista operating system. The update worked prior to a Windows update to Vista. After the Vista automatic update, the program would no longer start so I had to remove Office from the machine and then reload 2000 and then use the 2007 Office update.

When I try to start the loading of this update I get a message that says the path cannot be found to the old file, and for me to select it from a file tree. As I look inside the file tree I can see folder, but not the files inside. When I select the C drive and the folder for Office I get the same message about not being able to find the path.

I am not a big fan of Vista, to say the least, but what can be done to find the path, or to reload the Office 2007 upgrade?

Thank you...
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  1. what version of office you are using

    check this linkvery upgrade is possible for you version
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