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Router Dropping connection under heavy load

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January 21, 2008 11:59:32 PM

My router continually drops my connection under heavy load - I though I had this problem pinned down to me having multiple ethernet devices activated on my computer at once (2 onboard ethernets), after disabling one, problem went away for a month.
Originally, this problem only happened when I was playing Counter-Strike: Source. Currently, it also happens with World of Warcraft, large, fast (900kb/s) FTP connections, Call of Duty 4, and CS:S. The problem is easily fixable by resetting my router, however my router is downstairs and in the middle of a Counter-Strike match it's rather annoying (to me and teammates) to drop, run downstairs, and run back up. If I don't reset it, then I can wait 10-15 minutes, and the connection will resume.
I'm not DMZ'd, but the router does have 3 other connections on it, none of which will drop when I'm playing a game.

Router: Linksys BEFSR41
Setup: Modem 2ft Cat5e to Router (Downstairs) 100ft Cat5e to my Switch (Upstairs), 10ft Cat5e from Switch to my PC.

Thanks for any help!

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January 24, 2008 2:42:14 PM

jakeradden said:
Router: Linksys BEFSR41
Setup: Modem 2ft Cat5e to Router (Downstairs) 100ft Cat5e to my Switch (Upstairs)

Is what maybe your issue. The Elcheapo linksys routers have an issue with cable longer than 75ft. Had the same issue in my Moms house. I went from 100ft to 75 to 50 and the problem went away. Constant drop offs with only solution reboot router to get it back up.

Want better stability that long get a cisco router.