How do i delete blinkx

Blinkx keeps popping up every time I get on the internet. Their site does not allow unsubscribing nor does it allow you to contact them. Spyware scans do not pick it up as spyware nor does my anti-virus detct it as a virus. The list of programs on my computer does not show Blinkx. It seems to be some kind of browser. I have Vista as my operating system. Please help, I am ready to have my hard drive scrubbed and all new software installed.

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  1. Check that any blinkx screensaver is installed, if so change it to other & Try Malwarebytes & Revounisntaller to remove Blinkx

    control panel->personalization->screen saver
  2. Thank you saran for your concise and very good answer. I would never have thought to check the screensaver and I downloaded both programs you suggested. I downloaded VLC media player and got blinkx without wanting it, even though I was getting messaged during the downloading that my avast was blocking blinkx and potatoe clicker. The revouninstaller found and took care of those for me.

    It is great that someone took the time to answer. Thanks again. :)
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