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I have a challenge for someone...

I help to run a digital cinema in my local community centre a couple of times a month which basically involves showing a film (on DVD) using a projector, 10'-wide screen and sound system. Due to the layout of the hall, we are considering installing a second screen (ie. showing the film simultaneously on both screens). This would, of course, be easy to do simply by splitting the video output signal from the DVD player or computer and sending it to both projectors.

However, what would be clever would be to show the film simultaneously on both screens but with the subtitles on just one screen. This would be a huge benefit to us as a lot of our regulars are hard of hearing. I have yet to find any software that can do this and I wondered if anyone out there might be able to provide any advice as to how to achieve this.

So far, I have found a piece of software (Stereoscopic player) that can simultaneously play two video files at the same time and I have managed to get this working by ripping the movie off a DVD twice - once with subtitles embedded and once without. However it would be illegal for us to do that as the license we purchase to show the film does not cover us making copies of it!

Does anyone have any ideas as to how I could achieve this? Any suggestions welcome!

Thanks in advance,
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  1. No way to do this unless you play 2 DVDs, one without subtitles. Especially with a splitter. A splitter would show you the exact same image on both screens.
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