AHCI drivers not in list during XP install

Thank you in advance for any help.

I'm trying to install AHCI and windows XP on a new system. Motherboard: GA-EP45-UD3R

I have:
1. Set AHCI in bios
2. created a floppy which is supposed to contain both the SATA RAID and SATA AHCI drivers (ive done this 3 different times. downloaded the files from gigabyte, downloaded them from intel-the "32bit floppy disk utility" or whatever, and ran an exe on the motherboard cd-rom that copies the drivers to the floppy. The files on the floppy are iaahci.cat, iaAHCI.inf, iastor,cat, iastor.inf, Iastor.sys, TXTSETUP.OEM. )
3. Everytime time, after I start installing XP and press F6 to get to a list of drivers, my list only has 4 choices, all of which are "SATA RAID" drivers, but the list is also supposed to have AHCI drivers on that list, and it doesn't have any.

Motherboard: Ga-EP45-UD3R
x25-m Hard disk
IDE CD Rom Drive
e8500 cpu
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  1. Use the SATA drivers for an explanation on AHCI go to Intel:
  2. You are using the wrong files to build the driver disk. Read the manual closely. It is very easy to build the wrong type of driver disk, as there are a couple of ways to make this disk, but only one of them will create the disk you are looking for, the other will create the RAID driver disk, which as you are finding out, will not work.
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