Need a high performance 3d modeling system any advice budget 5k usd

Need a high performance 3d modeling system any advice budget 5k usd
already have
I7-960 + ga-x58 M/B + Gtx 570 + 2 TB wd hdd+ 24g 1333 ram
but still cant handle high number of 3d mesh in a big detailed scene
knowing that i use 3dsmax 2009 + vray 1.5 sp2
i manage my files in bounding box and all in turned off layers
need help thx
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  1. You already have about as big of a system as you can get, the only thing I may suggest you try is to use a pro level video card with dedicated drivers, Quadro or FireGL. Also maybe contact support for a vendor like Dell or Lenovo and talk to someone in their workstation department.

    Assuming you are running on a 64 bit OS and the software is fully supported for it.
  2. yes it is 64 bits windows 7 ultimate and the software is fully compatible and am using it on other machines quite good now i managed with the help of a friend to make some windows settings so that the system and memory management is lighter and fast it solved 50 % of the problem the handling is good and the cash is higher with few program dumps i edited registry to turn of super prefetch and also turned off few windows features that i dont use like games and tablet pc also turned on .net framework features any way tx for ur reply iam thinking of a quadro vga but already payed too much till now
  3. You were ready to spend 5k on a whole new system to try to fix this, a few hundred on a card that was made to run your software should not be that big of a deal. May give you an improvement as well. Make sure your BIOS and system drivers are updated as well.
  4. ok ur right but what about bios and system drivers how can i update them and what do they change?
  5. Go to the vendor's web site, download the updates from there. The driver updates add better hardware support, speed, bug fixes. You may not need the BIOS updates, there is a small risk of it failing and making the system un-bootable, but that is a very small risk, way less than 1%. The only issues would be if you loose power mid-way or something interrupts the update.
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