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Hey, so i recently got a virus which messed with some registry settings saying i did not have access to open some anti-virus programs. After removing the viruses with SpyDoctor it still did this. I tried: because i figured it would reset administrative rights etc. However i used the "Fix It" .exe option, and about 2% through i canceled the process because i decided i could find another method. So a few seconds later a message pops up that said: Windows is going to shut down in 60 seconds please close any programs etc. The countdown was going and i shut my comp down before that finished.

Ok so after all this happened this is my problem. My comp automatically goes to bios when booting up regardless of my boot priorities. If i hit "TAB" is takes me to post-screen from there and i can sometimes get the boot menu. If i manage to boot it takes me to a blank screen with a mouse pointer and no login thing. Idk what to do
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  1. Can you get into safe mode? Tap f8 on startup to access the safe mode menu.
  2. Yes if i get lucky from the post screen i can boot in safe mode. It just goes to a black screen with a mouse pointer, and nothing on the screen again. I tried a windows repair from the windows xp cd, but now i guess i have to reformat? Its tricky to get itto boot from cd. Is there anything i can do though to get back all m data etc?
  3. Yes but it just goes to a blank screen with a pointer, just like in normal mode. I tried a windows repair from a windows but that didnt work. I guess my only choice is to reformat? Or do i have another option.
  4. Try creating an ultimate boot disc.
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