ATI Tray Tools ATIPDLXX.dll error HELP NEEDED!

so recently, i had installed new windows 7 home premium, 64bit to my desktop pc.
and i get the installation process done, but when i open ATI Tray tools, it will simply say: Can not initalize ATIPDLXX library! Exiting now...

How the hell should i fix that? note that this program had previously worked on my windos 7 64bit proffessional.

AND is there a alternative for this? cause i just want to see the fps counter, and set up the automatic fan spee on my gpu!
NB: SpeedFan didn't work for my gpu!

HELP ME PLEASE! id like to make my jet engine more quiet, but i cant!
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  1. Put this dll into the ATT folder.

    I found the suggestion in this thread.
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