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Hello, I just recently rolled back from windows 7 to vista for many reasons, because I have a legal copy of vista, and because in windows 7 the windows update would give me the error 80070002 after checking for updates, so this is my problem, I just did a fresh install and I just finished installing windows vista 64 bit and I run windows update and I am having the same problem except this time the error code is is different I will post back when I am able to double check what the code is, It officially is my birthday as of 10 minutes ago and I wanted to install a few games that I got from friends but it seems like the world is trying to screw me again.

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  1. Did you wipe the HDD of all past data before the fresh install?

    If you've had past problems its always a good idea to use your specific HDD diagnostic utility and run a drive wipe, or zero fill, drive erase, or as some utilities call it a LLF (Low Level Format), which completely clears the HDD of all past data, restoring it to factory specification status.

    That way you are 100% sure you're not bringing a past problem with you to the new installation.

    The second best way would have been in the Vista Installation process to have deleted all previous partitions and re-created new installation partition, then formatted the new partition or partitions did you do that?
  2. I didn't, what i did was format the partition, that's it, I thought that would be good enough, thanks for letting me know that.
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