8800GTS w/ cooler?

Okay, I have a few questions about the 8800GTS series of cards.

Actually, two separate questions. The first one concerns the clock speed and cooling. The cheaper cards have 500 MHz (core clock) and it's only slightly cheaper than a overclocked one. I'm speaking of eVGA as of this date (we're in June '07). I'm wondering if you could get the cheaper card and overclock it manually and then add a new cooler and whether that would help keep temps low and have it perform at an optimum.

My other question is about function. I want a video card for a HTPC and although I think the 8600 might be better suited, the 8800GTS seems to be a better all-purpose card for the money. The 8600GTS seems too expensive for what you get. But, perhaps, $225 is acceptable for such a card? The 8800GTS is double almost with taxes included. I'm in Canada so stuff is slightly more expensive than what Americans have to pay.

Can anyone recommend a card? I like eVGA since they have a good reputation for their cards and if it is between a stock card for $20 cheaper than an overclocked one, is it better to get the OC one? Then buy a cooler or save money and buy the stock one and overclock manually? I might not have to OC anyway because I will only play the odd game but I want to have many options and have it do a lot of video editing/decoding etc. Should I go for a 320mb card for $100 cheaper?

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  1. Buy the cheapest card(excluding chaintech). They all overclock similar, because they are all reference models.
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