Need some anti-virus advice.

Hey all,

As luck would have it I was checking my e-mail in class tonight and noticed I had an e-mail from myself. Not remembering sending myself anything I opened it to find it was full of random links to different ( .ru ) online gambling sites. So I can only assume my system has been compromised with trojans, a key logger, etc. ( oh as another nice additive they appearantly used my e-mail account for spam and got me a 24 hour ban. )

Anyways I ran malware bytes and AVG after running the latest updates on them and they found nothing. Now I could just reformat and do a full wipe ensuring whatevers on here is removed, however before going that far with it I'd like to get some opinions on whether or not there are other routes to take. Anyone know of any freeware anti-virus software that I didn't mention that may do a better job at locating viruses? I don't have much to backup so it would be more sensible to wipe than to go out and buy software, but at the same time is it possible they just cracked my password and my computer is clean as the software I ran declares?

Anyways thanks,

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  1. You could try tdsskiller or ComboFix.
  2. I know someone who had a problem with his hotmail sending everyone an email to random links, he has kaspersky and no viruses got detected (one of his friends might of knew his password because he lets them use his pc), i think he just changed his password and that was the end of it.

    If it was me though id format then change passwords and buy a virus scanner like kaspersky.
  3. Just wanna share this free and very useful Antivirus. AVG AntiVirus Free Edition 2011 is a versatile and powerful anti-virus software which protects your computer from viruses and spyware. It's very easy to install and update.
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