Windows XP not recognising 2nd HDD!! :((

i have a 40GB Samsung SV4012H harddisk on my system as master...since i found that i need more space, i bought a 160 GB seagate baracuda drive today...
When i installed it, the bios recognised the drive and showed it while booting... but when i came to XP and tried to format it , it wasn't there 8O ...i looked in the device manager and it wasn't listed there either... but the funny thing is that i have Sis IDE utility installed and it shows the HDD as Slave in the primary IDE Channel and also the correct size of the disk...
At first i thought that it was problem with jumper settings and removed all the jumpers - so it became slave...but there wasn't any change!! ...

do i need to format the drive first before windows recognises it???

Plzz can anyone help me??

For ur Info..
My motherbord is P4SGL-MX
Chipset is Sis 650
Running Win XP Sp2
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  1. Right click on My Computer->Manage

    Go to Storage->Disk Management

    You should see the drive there as unpartitioned... Right click on it, Format. Make it active, then windows will see it, assign it a drive letter and off you go.
  2. thank you very much for the reply...

    i did that... thats how i tried to partition the drive the first time...Drive 0 is shown which is the samsung drive.. No other drives are present...
  3. Hm that kind of says to me that either the BIOS isn't seeing it correctly. But you said it recognized it correctly (with the right size, etc, right?).

    I'd try switching IDE channels - put the new hard drive on the secondary channel and see what happens.

    Also I found this on seagate's website, hope it helps:
  4. fixed it!!! .....
    it was a problem with formattind the HDD (i think)...
    i downloaded a boot cd, formatted and partitioned it using the boot cd (in dos mode) ... and it showed up in The windows Disk Management (& also Device Manager)! ...

    isn't Hard Disks normally formatted by the company before releasing??

    anyway thank you very much for taking the time & helping me :D
  5. Yay! Glad it works now. Sorry I couldn't really help more.

    Um, no, HDD's are not usually formatted when they are manufactured. This is because there are so many different formats out there (FAT, FAT32, NTFS, etc), so the end user should format them.

    Still, its weird, even an unformatted disk should show up in the Disk Management... Shrug, we could spend forever trying to figure it out, but hey... it works. don't fix what ain't broke. :)
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