After Effects CS5 Rendering

I've been having struggles with running AE CS5 whenever I have it running for more than a few hours of work. Microsoft pops up a message up saying low memory whenever I render too much.

Question is what can I do to make it perform faster?

Should I...

1) Overclock the i5 760? (to how much?)

2) upgrade to 8GB ram from 4GB

3) new video card?

thanks in advance

P.S. heres my system specs

i5 760 @ 2.81ghz
4GB g.Skill Ripjaws ram 9-9-9-24
Radeon 4350HD 512mb GPU
WD 640GB Caviar Black
Windows 7 Home Premium 64bit
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  1. Faster CPU won't do any good here. More RAM and make sure your swap file is setup large enough (I'd set it for at least 2 gig in your case), and ensure you have several free gig of hard drive space. A faster video card may help with the rendering, CS5 should be able to use the GPU on the video card. If you have the money, get a pro level card like a Quadro or a FireGL. The dedicated drivers are good for Adobe.
  2. Thanks for the advice, I think i will just buy an indentical 2x2GB set. One other question; will lowering the ram timings help also? i.e ocing
  3. You won't see much speed increase if you just lower the timings, you will see a benefit if you can overclock the CPU and RAM speeds first. Careful with that though if you have not done it before. Something you may want to look at, is a SSD, rendering programs use the drive a lot, and a faster drive will make is run faster.

    Your WD Black is a good drive though, so the SSD really depends on your budget. If you can spare the couple of hundred for a drive, you'll be happy with the upgrade.
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