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I have been using Vista for nearly 3 years connected with Cisco 575 LRE (hard wire). I was able to access all internet pages without any problem.
Then, approx 6 weeks ago things changed. I couldn't access my Hotmail account, my online banking accounts, I can't even check flights with Ryanair, and lots of other websites. I thought at first it was secure sites only that I couldn't access, but its not. I contacted my internet provider who has checked the network, and told me the network is working OK. I had Windows Vista reinstalled, but that hasn't worked either.
If I take my pc to another service provider, it works! It also works with a mobile 'dongle'. I am now at a loss as to what to do.
Can anyone suggest anything I haven't tried. Or should I change my router?
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  1. Have you installed latest firmware/software from Cisco site.
  2. reset the router to factory defaults. also do you have any internet security software installed on your PC like Norton 360? if so you may want to check the parental controls
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