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Hi Everyone I hope you can help

OK this is just so you can get a feel of what I'm trying to do...
I have been connecting to the Internet through a personal Linux firewall called IPcop running on a separate PC.
Up till now I have been plugging my ADSL Router straight into my firewall machine, but now I have moved to an area where I'm no longer able to just run a network cable from the firewall to the ADSL Router.

The ADSL Router happens to be wireless (it's a Mega 105WR, Don't ask I'm in South Africa ATM so thats where I got it)
So my plan was to just go wireless and stick a wireless pci card into the firewall, but unfortunately IPcop does not support wireless network cards!

So my new plan is as follows...
I have a spare SMC wireless router (SMC7904WBRA2) which i thought i would just use to bridge the wireless connection and plug the SMC router into the NIC on the firewall (Which seems like my only option?)

The problem comes in when setting up the Bridge... from what I can tell, the only way to get it done with that specific SMC Router is by configuring the WDS.

I have done this before using D-link Wireless Routers quite easily but I seem to be having trouble this time!
To start with when logging into the SMC Router there is no place under WDS to specify the MAC address of my ADSL Router... all there seems to be is a rescan button which when pressed does not pick up the SSID of my ADSL Router.
In the passed with the D-Link's apart from a couple things here and there all I really needed to do was add in the MAC addresses!

Can anyone please help me? I really dont know what else to do...
From what I can tell I have all the basics right like:
Making sure both Routers are setup as AP's
Making sure they are on the same channel (11)
Disabling Qos and MMW

So If anyone could please help me I would be very great full
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  1. I don't fully understand your setup. Can you be more specific? Is your setup like the first one or 2nd?

    1) ISP <---> ADSL <---> Linux IPCop

    2) ISP <---> Linux IPCop <---> ADSL

    I am guessing 1) but some of your own notes contradict that.

    A note about WDS:
    WDS between AP's from the same vendor should work (for every self-respected vendor) but I am not really sure about WDS between different vendors' equipments. In your case Mega and SMC.
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