Looking for Advice on Small Biz IT infrastructure

I'm sort of the IT guy for a small business (<20 people). I was interested in setting up a NAS, a domain server, and maybe a DNS server. I wasn't sure if it would be worth it to build one myself or to just purchase a server from a distributor like Dell or Gateway. I was also considering getting a barebones system and adding the components myself. I've checked out some of the DIY NAS systems that were reviewed on this site and have been considering them as possible solutions.
Anyone with experience in such a scenario would be a great help. Thanks.
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  1. Depends on how much time you expect to spend in the IT role. If you are very limited on time, I would go with a brand name (Dell, HP, etc). That will give you one place to call when you have trouble.

    Personally, I go with HP for my servers. I never have any issue with their technical support or their response time. Additionally, they will send a tech out to do the hardware replacement for me.
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