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I got something wierd happening on my computer... wanted to know if anyone can explain or tell me how to fix it. First off I wanna say that I know allot about computers... I've been building them for about 15 years for friends and family. I do have windows Vista 64Bit.. Yeah I know.. problems is pry right there. Anyways

Here is whats happening. Sometimes when I close a program... Its still there. I have windows task manager up always because it happens constantly and i have to close it manualy. Program is not running but shows it in Processes in Task Manager. Now the main program i see the most is Firefox. FireFox does it 75% of the time. Some other programs have done it as well but not often. Another wierd part i've noticed is it takes up normal memory when it starts.. but it gets bigger the longer its on. I mean I start Logitech G35 tool witch normaly takes about 12,000k.... I close it. Tommarow i see it still in processes taking up 250,000k. Firefox does it as well.... I'll start it... and doesn't matter if i close it or not. It slowly builds up. I once seen Firefox go as high as 600,000k in Windows Task Manager under Memory. There as been times when I'll be away from the computer for a day or 2. I'll come back on and see my Memory Meter is at 80%... and hardly nothing is running. A good reboot brings it back down to 26% like normal. Sounds like some wierd virus or something personaly. But I do have a Paid subscription to Avira and it scans for all that stuff once a day. Now like I said i build computers.. but i'm more of a hardware person... Can anyone explain this? I should mention that when Firefox does it..... Normaly i dont notice right away and i'll try to start it up again and it tells me.... "Firefox is already running" Something along those lines.

I have 6Gig.. Tripple channel on Corei7 920, Asus P6T. Its never prevented me from running anything... just wanna know whats up.

EDIT: I forgot to say... I buit this computer about 8 months ago... this all just started about 3 months ago.
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  1. Avira is one of the best AV out there & It'll do fine.

    Have you installed any hardware/software at the time, when problem started??
    Check for device manager for driver issues!

    Just download & Scan with malwarebytes!

    After that Install Ccleaner & Scan for registry issues.
  2. I agree... Avira is one of the best Its free to everyone.. but i liked it so much I bought it. But i've tried everything....It still does it. Sence this thread i've noticed some other programs do it to. I did a test... I rebooted my system and and went to sleep standard stuff I have installed. It said 28% of 6gig ram used.... I woke up 12 hours later.. and its up to 52%. I should take a screenshot of this to show you guys. If I let my computer run for a few days.... I can close everything that I "Know" is running and its still at 48%. Closing everything.. I mean.. all my Software buddies like Limewire, Xfire, Msn, MIRC... Everything that I know is safe to close... I mean everything. Again i'm not stupid when it comes to computers. I've seen my computer run 60% on memory before.. with no programs running other than whats the normal startup.. (28%) I know if i close other processes it'll make my windows not work... done that in the past. I have no idea whats making my stuff eat memory the longer it stays on. Its not just 1-2 programs... all of it eats memory as time goes on.

    Like i said..... sometimes when I close a program... it still stays on..... Firefox mostly. I'm a gamer and all my computer alerted me saying memory was low when I started Battlefield BC2. I found out I had 5 other Battfield BC2s running. Programs I close and rerun dont end up going off... and they again just eat memory. Any ideas? I have 6gb Tripple challel..So so far it hasn't really hurt me in any way.. but I'm the kind of person who looks at system meters.. Temps, Percentages and all
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