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Adobe wont open jpeg files

I am now getting an error when trying to open jpeg files. Adobe seems to be the default veiwer for some reason, all jpegs either from camera, scan or other all have the adobe icon but when trying to open an error saying they are corrupt or not decoded on my computer but when sent to someone via email they can open.
What happened, everything was fine before.
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    Right click on the jpg file, properties, change the "open with" property to Internet Explorer & try.
    If the jpg image is not corrupted, it should open with IE.
    I reccomend you to install IRFANVIEW (Freeware) for viewing images.

    If you have antivirus run a full scan in the system & Check for threats.
    Also download & run a scan with malwarebytes for trojans/malwares, which also may cause file corruption.
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