Invalid product key on OEM laptop

Hi all,

This has happened before and I cannot find the instructions on how to fix it.

My buddy has a HP DV6000 series laptop and never lets auto updates run. I have turned them off in the past but he manages to turn it back on.

Anyway after another power off during updates it is now giving the "Invalid product key" message.

Nothing funny is going on, it is a legit HP, original install of Vista home, product key on bottom of comp is correct and intact.

Last time this happened I went through all the HP and Windows folks without success, each one was referring me back to the other and finally found the instructions on the web.

Any clues how to fix this?
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  1. Reinstall Windows?
  2. Finally that is what I ended up doing out of the recovery console, then doing a clean install of Windows 7.

    I dont know why I couldnt restart the service per the instructuctions that I found and it would not connect to the microsoft website.

    I think something was corrupted the first time it happened.
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