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Everything was fine until yesterday on my comp (Win XP SP3). I temporarily copied a lot of data from an Ext. HDD onto my C drive. I even got the 'low disk space on C...' message. I had a lot of work to do so I kept on working without freeing up space (dont know if the low space is related to the probelm).

After a while I started getting random popup messages along the lines of
The instruction at "0x00000" referenced memory at "0x000000". The memory could not be "written".
Click OK to terminate.
Click Cancel to debug.
OK and Cancel buttons

Every program started showing these messages. IE would not open etc. Even opening Windows Explorer was giving the same message, although I was able to see and work with Word and Excel files in C: drive.

So I decided to restart the computer and move the files out of C to freeup space. But now the computer wont restart! It boots normally (although I dont hear the startup hardware beep but dont know if I've ever heard the beep), the Windows XP splash screen appears and then I can even see my custom wallpaper but the desktop (icons and taskbar) does NOT load. It starts giving me the same error messages (The Instruction at "0x000...) for all programs userinit.exe, svchost.exe, etc. At this stage, Ctr+Alt+Del brings up the Task Manager, I can restart and shut down successfully but comes back to the same place (wallpaper loads but not desktop with Instruction at "0x00 errors).

Safe Mode also brings back the same error messages and desktop wont load so I cant try Sys Restore either.

I thought a Windows repair might help so I put the Windows XP install CD into the CD drive (the same disk used to install the OS successfully with same hardware config) and it says press any key to boot from CD. I do, it says something like 'Setup is detecting your computer's configuration....' then after 2 seconds it just goes blank. The keyboards NumLock is still on but the monitor has just blanked.

Just stuck with this. I have important data on C: and the last backup was 3 weeks back...
Any help would be greatly appreciated
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  1. When you boot try to see if it will let you get to a command prompt.
    Do the same as you would to get to safe mode except press command prompt and post back if it works for more info.
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