Recommend me an external HD enclosure!!!

Right, while building a new computer I have come accross the need for an external HD. I was looking at pre-built models from Seagate which seem fine enough, but just fancy building my own so I know exactly whats inside.

The enclosure will need to fit a Samsung SpinPoint T HD501LJ 500GB inside, the same hard drive I will be running inside the computer.

Basically I need an enclosure that does'nt come to much more than £40, as this, coupled with the drive price, will bring the total to roughly the same as the Seagate.

It needs to be able to run a SATA drive (obviously). It also needs to have USB 2.0 and E-SATA connectors, I'm not really bothered about firewire. Also I would prefer a model that runs without a fan, as my new computer is going to be very quiet, and I don't want something to wreck that!

I've been looking around but can't really find anything to suit my needs, most just have one or two of the criteria, and it's getting on my nerves!

So there we go, can anyone help me? I'm from the UK so any UK links would help! I await your sage-like advice...

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  1. Ahh that was quick!

    Cheers mate, will probably go with the 2nd one, suits the rest of my build.

    If anyone else has any ideas that would be good too!
  2. I'm in the USA, but I bought an AZIO Model ENC311SU41 case. It accepts a standard SATA II HDD, has no fan, has both USB2 and e-SATA connections to the computer, comes with its own external power brick, has an on/off switch and power indicator light. I put a Seagate 500GB in mine, hooked up to e-SATA port on my mobo's back panel, works just fine.
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