Help! Optical Disk Not working anymore!

Ok, so I've got... well a pretty generic lite-on CD-ROM drive that was working quite well until this morning. Now my mobo can't detect it. Checked the jumper (it's IDE and set to master for its channel) and even switched channels. The HDD, unformatted for that matter, is recognized no matter where I put it, but the CD-ROM is just not working anymore.

Any ideas? All help/criticism is welcome.
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  1. Try a different drive to see if it's possibly incompatible, but in my experience
    that's how optical drives die - suddenly. A new Pioneer runs $30-35 on Newegg, at that price I bought 2 spares.
  2. Kk, I'll try that and see how it goes. Oh wait, nvm I think I found the problem... somehow the IDE cable worked its way out of the IDE connection
    Lol... wow, I feel so stupid.
  3. For $30 to $35 can get a good DVD burner, e.g., Samsung or Lite_on, wouldn't waste my time on it. It's still under warranty, send ti back. I'd still get a DVD burner and if they send you a new one, you have a back up
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