Microsoft Excell Quotient function returning a rounded value

I'm trying to get the quotient of two cells using

to get the profit percentage of those two cells and it's returning a rounded to the nearest 1 value. I need precise percentages. There's no formatting applied to the cell other than font and color. Any ideas?

The cells:

Buy cost Sell Return Profit Profit%

3,532.12 55,000.00 51,467.88 15

The actual number i should be getting for the last cell is 15.571 which when formatted the way i want it will display 1,571% rather than the 1,500% that it would display now. Obviously that additional 71% return is a huge difference.

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  1. Nevermind, Just realized i can just use =E3/C3. Derp.

    Close please?
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