Malware removal software?

I've got a computer that has some kind of malware on it. Not sure what it is. I've run spybot s & d, Ad-aware, Super anti-spyware, malware bytes and trojan remover but I have a suspicion that there is still something on it. Oh and the computer has Mcafee on it and I've put the hard drive into a second machine and done a virus scan with the second machine.

Can someone recommend another program?
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  1. So what makes you think you still have malware?
  2. You the same Grumpy that use to be on Extremetech?

    There are some odd things happening on the computer that make me think there is still something on the machine.

    I expect I'm going to have to reimage the computer.
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    Yes, that's me and I'm still on ET. Did you try tdsskiller or ComboFix?
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  5. Thanks Grumpy;

    ComboFix took care of the remaining problems. I think Super AntiSpyware got the virus/trojan and ComboFix repaired some of the damage that was done.
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