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i have an acer aspire on vista with 5.1 output, i have plugged in 2.1 speakers. music is great but have no vocals with dvds, can i get a 2.1 driver??
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  1. What im trying to say is is it possible to get an audio driver for 2.1 speakers on vista because it only shows 5.1 or stereo on configurations
  2. Change the configuration to Stereo & Connect the 2.1 Speakers!
    You'll get proper audio out put!
    2.1 is nothing but the stereo output only, in which Subwoofer automatically filters & uses the lower frequency level from the stereo to give you some enhanced Bass Boost.

    2.1= 2 speakers & 1 Sub woofer, LEFT & Right!

    No separate drivers for 2.1!

    audio drivers are just to enable the audio options in you system.
    No separate drivers for 2.1, 5.1 & all!
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