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so I have a windows box, a macbook pro and an iphone and Im looking for a way to get them all the sync up together

I basically need to be able to set up the same calendars and address book on all 3 devices, and when I make a change on one machine, the other 2 will update without me having to remake the calendar event or something like that

the windows box is the problem here, I have syncing sorted for macbook and iphone, easily done through ical and itunes, but its not so easy when you have to then get that into the windows environment

so is there any way to achieve this? I just want to create/edit calendar events and contact cards once, and have it update across all devices whenever I make a change
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  1. Google calendar, online, should be able to access from the web on all 3.
  2. is there an application that can do it though?

    Or is there a way to load google calendars into outlook (PC) and ical (mac)?
  3. What are you using as your address book now? I don't think you can sync the built-in calendars in the systems well between Windows and MAC.

    Here is everything you can sync Google Calendar with
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