Building first pc

I am new to the forum so excuse me if I do some mistakes.
I am planning to build my own Pc for the first time, any help would be appreciated.

Here are the parts that I considered

Cpu - Athlon 64 X2 4800

Motherboard- Epox MF- 570 Sli

RAM- 2 GB King.

Video Card- X1950XT

Hard Drive- Western Digital 160gb

Dvd drive- Lite-On

Case + Power supply (500W)

I still have not decided on power supply, I might need more powerful supply because of X1950XT. My budget is about 800$ more or less. I do play games but mostly at lower resolution (1280x1024) but i do like to have at least medium quality on with AA on.

If you have any suggestion or something i could do better, please post
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  1. Ok... If you play at lower resolutions, it would be wise to ramp up that CPU..

    Why not a C2D cpu?
  2. get a c2d and nvidia 7X00 series graphics. i am planning on a 7600GT card and an e4x00 cpu
  3. x1950pro can be had for $150
  4. Thanks for the reply. I was considering X1950Pro but X1950XT price just came down a lot so performance/price is great for that card , so I chose it instead, though I may as well go with X1950Pro is cooler and doesn't drain as much power as X1950XT. I don't wont to go with nvidia becuse ati's 1950's series outperforms Nvidia's 79xx cards and 88xx cards are out of my price range. And I do not want to go lower than 1950's series, because I want to be able to play new games as well with reasonable details.

    I don't know about c2d. What motherboard would you need? I know c2d better than athlon in upper ranges but athlon is still good buy at lower end, that's why I went with Athlon 64 X2 4800 (65nm) but i was also considering Athlon 64 X2 5400 90nm version, which is only about 20$ more. However, I am kind of confused about intel offerings; there are so many version and the one's in my price range since to be underclocked. I looked in cpu charts and X2 4800 performs similarly to E6400 in some benches and difference in other is not that large
    X2 4800- 125$
    E6400- 187 $

    I don't know if that little difference is worth almost 70$. If I am wrong just correct me, I just write what I saw.
  5. You can overclock on stock voltage a good amount and blow that athlon out of the water....

    Thats where the worth comes in... Go with an E6xx series if you can. Faster and more stable at overclocked speeds.
  6. I'd say it's not worth it unless you overclock, the C2D is better at that. Also, AMD mobos tend to be cheaper.

    AMD will cut prices in a couple of weeks, and Intel will do the same on July 22. I hope that helps.
  7. OK, i got new updates
    new power supply and case. What do you think?

    Power supply-530W



    As for the processor, I will probably wait for July 22 price cuts and see than but as of right now, I think I will still get X2 4800. There are few reasons for this, E6600 is only worth it if you can overclock it and from what I hear they already run hot and draw a lot of power right from the box, X2 4800 i heard is exceptionally cool. The second reason is that I would have to get new motherboard and I am not familiar with Intel's motherboard offerings and different sockets, it seems like they have quite a few different versions.

    But like I said I will wait till July 22nd and see then
    That's all for now, tell me if I can do something better. Thx for the help
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