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New build, very weird problems

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June 21, 2007 1:26:54 AM

OK - I've had my new build up and running for a week, no problems. Today, however, something weird happened. I put Office 2007 in the CD drive and waited for it to auto load. It ran, but nothing happened. So I went to my computer, and it was a blank screen trying to load. Nothing loaded at all after three minutes. I tried to end it and it wouldn't end. I tried restarting, and when I clicked "restart" it just sat there. So I hard reset...

Next time, I type in my password to get into Vista, and all I get is a black screen and my mouse pointer. THAT'S IT. So I reboot again, this time in safe mode.

Safe mode loads fine, and all seems well.

Tried rebooting to normal windows. It loads fine this time, but when I click on Firefox, nothing happens. No programs were loading. SO I reboot AGAIN...

This time, all works fine. EXCEPT: My computer seems to be significantly slower. I re-ran my PCMark05, and my score went from 6300 to 5900 in one day. My 3Dmark score was ABYSMAL. I averaged 10 FPS.

I tried playing Halo 2 which played beautifully earlier, and it was so choppy I had to stop. When I exited the game, Windows froze completely and I had to hard reset.

WHAT THE HECK IS GOING ON??? Everything is so unstable, and I haven't even overclocked yet! I've installed a bunch of programs over the last few days, but I know what I'm doing and everything installed fine.

I know these are vague issues, but does anyone have any advice? I'm crushed this has happened...

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July 5, 2007 5:32:20 PM

Vista is buggy like that. I can't make an installation of vista last more than a month. After installation of programs, there are compatibility issues. Try to disable stepspeed of your processor for full preformance and try to do a system restore to fix the other problem. Also create a backup of your OS by partitioning your drive using Gparted Live Partition Editor (free). Hope this helps.
July 5, 2007 7:27:49 PM

Good plan. Try getting absolute latest (non beta) drivers also.

BTW HALO2 has been cracked 2 run under WinXP (just disables DX10 bits)