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I just loaded Adobe Acrobat 8 Professional on my Vista system and can't get it to work (the Adobe product locks up). Furthermore, any other Adobe product that I load also locks up. I have been in contact with two Adobe help people, both of which could not help me. My computer is set up using a RAID 0 array. I seem to remember some time ago someone telling me that Adobe is not compatible with RAID arays. Is this true?
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  1. No, it's not true, as I run Adobe Reader just fine on my RAID 0 desktop... was also running Photoshop Elements at one point. Make sure your Adobe products are fully up to date.
  2. I just loaded Adobe Premiere Elements 4 into the same PC with the Windows Vista operating system and I get the same results. Premiere Elements starts and then locks up. I'm convinced the problem has something to do with Adobe. Of course they haven't bothered to get back with me despite the fact that my case is still open with them.

    Like you, I had been running Adobe Elements on another Raid 0 computer using the Windows XP operating system without any problems. Right now I'm waiting on a new motherboard for that computer. When I get it, I will switch the use of all my Adobe products to that computer.
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