Stop 0x24 on XP after chkdsk hangs

I ran chkdsk at startup and when i checked 10 hours later it was the last step with no errors. but it was hung at 56%. so i rebooted now i consistently get a stop 0x24. I can't even boot in safe mode. after the stop 0x24 there is no more info on the screen...what should i do?
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  1. Run chkdsk /r
    It will attempt to repair the errors it finds.
  2. if i could boot the computer i would.
  3. Tap the delete key on startup to access the BIOS. <--If you can't get this far, you've got a hardware problem

    Once in the BIOS, change the boot order to boot off the optical drive 1st.

    Insert the OS disc


    press any key when prompted

    use the R option to access the repair console for your volume.
  4. Thank you. I did that. But i had scheduled chkdsk to run at next windows startup. it starts and then hangs at Step 4 at 0%. I've waited 20 minutes and it didn;t move 1%. It doesn't notice my keyboard when it says "hit any ket to stop chkdsk". i can't stop it so i can't boot. so 2 questions: 1)why's my keyboard not being detected and 2) why is chkdsk hanging (or is it?)
  5. There could be an error on the hard drive.

    If you have a USB keyboard, it may not be enabled in the BIOS.
  6. i switched to a ps2 keyboard - no change there. But chkdsk was not hung - it took over an hour to get to the first 1%....its almost finished now 11 hours later.
    i am pretty sure its my hard disk or the connector or something connected to it...thanks for your help and time.
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    What kind of hard drive is it?

    If it does finish. I would recommend running it with the /r switch. It will attempt to repair the drive.
  8. aford10 said:
    Run chkdsk /r
    It will attempt to repair the errors it finds.

    You are the bomb, aford10!!!

    This was happening on my system, didn't have the time this week to worry about it, so just kept bypassing the CheckDisk to accomplish what I needed to. However, it was extremely frustrating.

    Yesterday, I located this thread, did as you suggested, and restarted the computer.

    It took awhile for CheckDisk to complete the 5 stages (about an hour), but I was patient, allowing it to resolve the issues.

    The end result : perfection; I have my reliable computer back up and running as it should.

    Thanks for helping us out, and have a great year. : )
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