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Hey, I just got a nice bargain, namely a 24" sony crt monitor (compaq
branded). At last!

How is quake best set to run on this monitor?

So far I have tried the widescreen option in the menu, but this did not work
full screen, it appeared on a small portion of my desktrop why?

I have also tried an autoexec.cfg with the following:

seta r_customHeight "1200"
seta r_customWidth "1920"
seta r_mode "-1"
seta cg_fov 120

1920*1200 is my desktop resolution and this was the only way to get the game
fullscreen in a widescreen res.

Does setting fov to 120 cause punkbuster problems?
Is there any way to set the refresh rate?

Any help, suggestions advice etc appreciated.

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  1. seta r_displayrefresh "75" (or whatever refresh rate you want).

    Here's a simple solution for the widescreen problem:

    Widescreen resolution launcher for Quake3 and ioquake3

    Take care
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