Which headset do you reccomend?

I want to get a new headset. It would be for Teamspeak, Gaming, and listening to Winamp. I was looking at the Plantronics Audio 350 (Non-USB) , the Logitech Premium 350(USB) , and the Logitech Precision Gaming Headset (Non-USB) . From your experience, are any of these 3 any good? Which one? Also, if you have another one you would like to mention, then please let me know. I need help deciding. One more thing. I have the Creative Audigy 2 Platinum sound card. I heard I should get Non-USB and plug it directly into the sound card, for better sound quality. Is that true?
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  1. Someone must have a good story to tell! Need responses please. Thanks in advance.
  2. I have this one,its sounds awesome on Battlefield 2142.
    They will improve your gaming experience all the way around.

  3. Now it was time to check out how the gaming sounded on my newly acquired headset. The games I chose seemed to be ones that would take advantage of the surround sound; Counter-Strike: Source, Tom Clancyâ??s Raven Shield, and finally Doom 3. To understand my glee you have to know that I have always used headphones for gaming not only because I found I could hear in game sounds better but also not disturbing the many people living with me. I, of course, was not using a 5.1 headset and did not know the joy of hearing exactly where the in game sounds where coming from. In each game I was not only grabbed into the environment but also had a significant increase in feeling for where the sounds were coming from. Sometimes this was a bad thing, scaring the **** out of me several times in D3 but for the most part it was a huge gain in game play and enjoyment. The ultimate test came when I had a friend run around me (in game) and I sat at my computer with my eyes closed feeling like Luke Skywalker trying to use the force. I was actually able to fire at the time I heard him run infront of me and kill him. Try this on a regular headset and you really will need the force. The ambient sounds in each game were crystal clear and dynamic with seperated sounds in the entire sound field. Adding to the effect of getting into the game, hearing conversations behind me and someone walking by all the way from your back left to your front right.

    ZALMAN 5.1 Great for GAMING, OK for music
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