Windows XP will not install on Biostar G31D-M7

As subject line states Win XP will not install but Ubuntu 9.04 installed without a problem and everything works fine. So hardware must be OK. New MB, WD SATA 320Gb HDD, 400W PS, 2GB memory.
Win XP starts to install drivers but part way in, Blue Screen says it encountered a problem and stopped installation to keep from damaging my computer. Tried installing XP after Ubuntu completed, no change. Problem seems to be in BIOS, but I can't see anything wrong. Anyone have an idea?
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  1. Are you loading the drivers for SATA controller? or do you not need to do that on this board.
  2. I think I found the answer to my problem here: Too complicated for me, I think I will try Windows7. I was going to wait until it is debugged but am forced to change earlier than planned.
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