first time oc'r needs help with vcore

yea, just got my first computer worth overclocking and after reading the guides floating around I thought I would try it out myself.

I'm running an e6600 on a gigabyte ds3 board. So far what I've done is set the vcore to 1.4 and slowly start stepping up the speed starting at 333. Everythings been going good right now I'm up to 350 with good temps and no problems with Prime95.

My problem is though, that when I'm running prime95 and watching my vcore on SpeedFan, it is doing weird fluctuations. First off, even though I set the voltage to 1.4, speedfan is showing it at a steady 1.36 at system idle. Then when I fire up prime95 the vcore drops to about 1.33 and sometimes jumps to 1.34 and back.

Is this something I should be worried about? I'm afraid to overclock anymore cause im scared i might mess something up, not sure if it means I need to back my voltages down or whatever, but any help would be appreciated.

Also, whats comfortable idle/load temps for a e6600 so I know what a good stopping point is on overclocking, right now at 350 im sitting at 29 idle and around 50 or so loaded.
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  1. That's a vdroop
    Looks high at idle, but depends on the mb. I won't worry if all is stable. Going in things like vdroop mods is not a beginners or even a "normal" user stuff to look at. It is for people looking to get the last MHz from their CPU

    Also, make sure your PSU is strong enough: just back your CPU to default and see if the vdroop is still the same.

    If Orthos stable / 2 Prime95 stable, I won't worry

    Your temps look good also

    I would find the maximum overclock at default vcore though, unless you planned to get the maximum overclock at the safest vcore increase (1.4v)

    Good luck (use CoreTemp 0.95 or TAT to monitor temperatures to compare to others...)
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