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I got a message saying my account had been compromised and to change my password. I did and after that my messenger stopped working. It wouldnt let me sign in so I removed it and reinstalled and it wouldnt install. It downloaded ok but stopped half way thru the install saying it had been canceled or interrunpted. I ran all my programs and found a file that said firewall issues with messenger so I turned it off and tried again but no luck. I have been working on this for the last 5 days with no luck. Can someone help me please?? I have tried everything I know of and nothing seems to work.
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  1. You've fallen victim to a phishing attack. In the act of "changing" your password, you were really giving it to someone else. Once that was done, they changed the password themselves, locking you out of your account. You may also have malware on the computer that's preventing you from installing Yahoo.
  2. I think you do not remove some files in your registry.
    First completely remove yahoo messager.
    Start>control panel>remove the program.
    Then re-install it.
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