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Free blu ray software player

I,m looking for blu ray disc free software download. I have an HP Pavilion dv7-1273d lap top that has blue ray disc drive but came without software. What would be the software compatible with this computer and available as free download?
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  1. So whats the soulution??? i just baught a laptop with a blu ray player for the main reason of using it to play blu rays on my hdtv...
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    If you purchased a computer that came with a BD drive, then you should have some sort of software to play BD movies.

    To the OP: HP Blu-Ray issues

    OEMs would NOT sell you a Blu-Ray drive without the ability to play BD movies. It's one thing if you custom-build something... but if you have a computer from a major OEM (Dell, HP, etc)... then the software will be included in the package. If it isn't, then contact your OEM and tell them.
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