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I have Fios, with an ACTIONTEC M1424WR router. I can't keep signal (if I get signal I loose it) in the other end of my house.Its about 40 feet and down 1 floor. I've been told the easiest would be a high gain antenna. Can anyone recommend one for this router and what DBi should I get. If possible a directional antenna (houses are only 10 feet apart) I went to radio shack and they had one but said it doesn't work with the fios router. I have tried to move router 1 room towards the center of house but still have trouble with signal. I have a screw on connection on the fios router,wife doesn't want wired solution.
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  1. At 40 feet and one floor you are close to limits of regular wireless antennas -- but try raising the router above furniture level, move the computer as close as poss to the wall on the side of the room nearest the router. Play with antenna angles both ends. Try changing channels.

    Hi-gain antenna compatibility mainly comes down to the type of socket used on your wireless adapter or router. Check out illustrations and specs at online retailers (e-bay vendors also offer antennas) and compare with what you have or email retailers with your brand and model and see if they can match it.

    It may actually be cheaper/simpler to swap to a high gain MIMO router and adapter. Or have a look at mains-borne networking like Homeplug (see Netgear products) which is faster and more reliable than wireless.
  2. Dear Bob1901:

    Have you checked that you are not getting WIFI interference from devices in your house or from neighbors?

    I have a neighbor who had his wireless router (we both have FIOS with Actiontec router) set to AUTO for channel selection and when ours collided on same or similar channels, it effectively slowed or stopped all traffic at that end of house. Computer on other end of house was fine (60 ft away), while one in room directly below was being masked by neighbor's signal.
  3. Your best bet is disable the wireless portion of the Verizon FIOS Router and install a separate access point to handle the Wireless portion of your network. The UniFi AP is a phenomenal wireless access point and is very easy to install. I even did a write up that explains it down to the signal comparison. Check it out...

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