Windows XP product type and key

I buy an Lenovo with Windows.
The pc come with Windows XP type and key.

But few months ago, I send my pc to repair.
The tech at my company reimaged my PC with a corporate key product (new type and new key).

Yesterday, I tryed to upgrade this PC to Windows 7 (Windows 7 upgrade version).

First, I tryed with a clean install on a new HD (because I just buy a new one for that and because I don't want to use it on the corporate key). The key refuse to activate since WinXP aren't on the disk.
It's ok... (Did someone know where to put old windows xp info for Windows 7 upgrade?). :non:

Second, I tryed to install a new windows xp with the windows xp disk I had. This basicly not the same product type so he refuse my key.

I tryed many cd-key changer (offline since I don't trust them at all) but since the product type is not the same.. the key is not good.

So... can I change my windows XP key and product type ? :pt1cable:

So basicly I have 2 legit cd-key... windows XP key and Windows 7 upgrade key but I can't UPGRADE!!!!! :fou:

So I resume:
1. In Windows 7, did someone know where to put old windows xp info for Windows 7 upgrade? (since I don't have the windows xp with the good product type for accepting my key) ? for activate it.

2. Can I change my windows XP key and product type ? Look like it's in regedit LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\Windows NT\current_version\
but I don't have the Hex code required in there.

3. I'll try to find on Lenovo the restore disk... since I doesn't have one.
Did someone have the link ?

Thank you very much. :love:
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  1. The machine as an Lenovo ThinkPad T60 if you can find the download for the restore disk.
  2. You can't download the restore disc... you have two options: You can create the media yourself provided that all of your original programs were installed (did the tech use a Lenovo restore image or one of his own?) or you can order the restore media from Lenovo.

    Look at the XP sticker on the laptop... it should tell you what version of XP (Home, Pro or Media Center) that it came with. Then, it's a matter of finding an OEM disc of that version and installing it. You may have to call MS to activate... but you should be able to get it going to the point where it will allow you to upgrade.
  3. The label tell me it's a Lenovo key (so Corp).
    So I can't find any installation with 80045-148-500-282 as Windows XP Pro x86 product type installation, it's Lenovo all the way... and they sell the restore disk...

    My key is rejected on OEM or Retail Windows XP Pro installation.
    So I need their installation for having a fresh installation.

    1.The best should be just insert my XP product and key somewhere in Win7 for knowing it's an upgrade.

    2.Or just if someone with a Lenovo T60 with the product type 80045-148-500-282 check in his LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\
    and give the REG_BINARY for "DigitalProductId" for 80045-148-500-282.
    With this value a should be able to re-register my win xp pro.

    Else I need to buy restore disk from lenovo... wait for it... crying... waiting for...
    and finally.. format.. reinstall xp... reinstall win7... and hope the upgrade will finally works.
  4. It should say more than simply Lenovo... it should also indicate what edition of Windows XP was preinstalled.
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