Ebaying PC - How do i format with NO Vista DVD?

Hi, i'll be Ebaying my Acer M5640 Desktop PC very shortly to pick up a laptop to space-save, but was wondering how do i format it then reinstall Vista with no Vista DVD? the PC came with Vista pre-installed, and i wasn't provided with a Vista DVD, i read around and found out that most machines that come with an OS pre-installed have a partition on the drive for formatting/reinstalling, well i'm unsure if mine does, would somebody with a little know-how of computers be able to point me in the right direction for finding out if i have this partition for reinstalling Vista

Cheers, Ian
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  1. Hello: give the following URL a whirl

    How do I reformat Windows Vista with no CD or DVD?


    How do you Reformat Vista without a disk?


    No Vista installation CD? You can still download a Vista recovery disc?


    reformatting Vista Without DVD Drive?


    How to format windows vista without using any installation CD or DVD or recovery disk?


    Reformatting vista on laptop no disc?


  2. Nice on thanks G, the info was very useful
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