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I have read that only 4 wires are used for an ethernet cable. I have also see that we can found on internet some cat5 splitter allowing to have two devices on one cable as long as you put two splitters on the wire extremities. So, I have some phone wires in my house and would like to use them (4 wires) in order to wired some rooms. I try to create a test cable with two RJ45 with only the first two pairs wired. (1,2,3,6) on both side. Using this cable, my router hasn't been able to see the connected PC :-(

Was it too simple to be true ? Do I need to do something with the other wire (4,5,7,8). If this apporach works, what level of bandwidth could I expect ?

Thank you for your help
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  1. For standard 10/100 Base-T cabling, 4 of the 8 cables are unused (the blue, and brown). The following link should be of help for you! :)

  2. Thx for the link, but I already wired a cable with the 1,2,3,6. The problem is using this cable, I have no answer from my router and my switch if I link it to a PC...I have a cable tester, and I am sure of the connections. of the two RJ45 plugs
  3. The cable tested correct that you didn't get any lines crossed? You're working with what is considered CAT3. Cat 5 has more wires in it and more twists per inch to improve performance.

    Do some research on Cat3 and you may find your answer.
  4. Hi everybody and thx for your help. I have made some new tests, and I have found the bug :-)
    I have made a new cable with a real cat5 using only 4 wires and it works great. But if I use a phone cable with the same wiring scheme, nothing works. I guess the signal disapear too fast in the wire due to the electrical conditions of the phone cable (limited freqency). So I have to find another way to wired my house.

    Thanks again for your input.
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