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Router and adapter reccomendations

Last response: in Wireless Networking
July 24, 2008 5:02:11 PM

Hey guys,

Me and my friends are moving into a shared house next year and we need to choose a router and adapters for the internet. Needing to connect, there will be:

- My desktop (near the router, so i'll be using a patch cable)
- Two more desktops needing to connect wirelessly
- One laptop that can only connect at 802.11g
- A PS3
- An Xbox360
- A Wii

Our internet connection will probably be around 11mbps (theoretical maximum of 24).

Could anyone reccomend me a good set of adapters and a router that will work with all of these? Also:

If we get a 802.11n router, will we actually have to set it slower for the 802.11g devices to work properly? Or can n and g work in harmony?

July 24, 2008 9:32:02 PM

As far as brand is concerned most people trust Netgear and Linksys and you can rely upon them to still be around when you need firmware or driver updates. Netgear has a pretty good support forum.

If you have Vista check with the retailer about Vista compatibility -- still causing problems with wireless equipment.

I would avoid using USB wireless adapters -- PCI has better range and fewer problems.

Don't know about wireless N and your toys -- they tend to use old technology (even 802.11b) but N equipment usually has a b&g setting.