stabiltiy testing software question?

can u guys up link to the latest stability tesing software and monitoring software. All i currently have is cpuz,and TAT. and older version of orthos, i tried googling stuff but wasn't sure if i was coming up with the right dates software.

any help is much appreciated
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  1. What are your pc specs? I use multiple Sp2004 instances for the cpu and ram, again super pi for cpu and ram. ati tool for the video. They are all free. Speed fan for general monitoring, core temp for Core duo, and ati tool has a temperature display.
  2. e6600
    tuniq 120
    g.skill 2x1gb pc2 6400
    evga 690i a1
    antec 900 case
    bfg 650w PSU
    BFG 7950GTOC
  3. be warned by the way, with the new version of Core temp my monitor shuts down. No reason at all.
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