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how do i know which drive is my OS installed on?
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  1. by default it goes to C: drive only ..
    if you want to check it mean try this

    when you clicked on disk management it will show list of available drives in right side
    (on status tab you can see """(system)""""" which shows the OS drive,

    or go to windows explore window & brows evert drives you have, you can see folder loke windows, program files like that system files..
  2. i need to install one more OS on the same PC how do i do it?
  3. So you are trying to set up a dual boot system?

    What's the other OS?
  4. i have OS installed in my PC and wanna install xp,coz turbo C++ is not working in vista.....i have the xp cd,but when i try installing it,it shows a message that a newer version of windows has already been installed on ur pc......pls help
  5. vista OS is already there
  6. Syschat have an excellent tutorial on creating a Vista / Xp dual boot system. I used it myself to create the dual boot with Vista already installed:

  7. i did the partition,but still when i try installing from the CD,it gives the same error.Please Help!
  8. Did you choose the correct partition?
  9. i dint get wat u trying to say.....shud i partition the drive in which vista is already installed?
  10. Yes, you need to shrink the partition that Vista is installed on. Look at option 3 in this guide.

    You need to do this to create a small partition to install XP onto.
  11. i'd rather use DEV C++ on vista......thnku so much for ur replies.....
  12. Vista would still be there. This would just set up a dual boot system.
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