Evga 8800gts 320mb superclocked stumbles

I recently got hold of an 8800gts 320mb superclocked. I expected it to really churn through most graphically complexe games. I was disappointed with the performance of the default 3dmark 06 settings. Its framerate was better than the x800xt pe in the 4 core dual vsta but not even approaching 25fps to be appear to be smooth. To add insult to injury the 3dmark website notified me that I was not using the official nvidia drivers to do the tests. I took their linky and got the new drivers to get the exact same results and website error message. I even tried evga's drivers to the same results. I uninstalled the the graphics adapter each time to a fresh reboot. After talking to a retailer friend he told me that the 8800 gts is really a upper middle market card and that a 8800gtx is really the solution.Furthermore these cards are not selling as well recently. I game at 1024x768 the the 3d mark 06 ran at 1280x1024 I expected the 8800 gts to be a final solution for direct X9.0c but it is not. My cpu is a C2D @ 2832mghtz. Overclocking it more with riva tuner 2.1 620 core 1989 mem yielded about 300 points higher. I realize that 3d mark 06 really is a marketing tool to lure the fanatic to buy even more powerful pricier hardware. Are the drivers that pathetic ? (i.e. they S**K) or are we misled by the nvidia camp?
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  1. whats the rest of your system like?

    also 3dmark scores mean jack all. does it game well enough?
  2. The superclocked card.... is that the 588/1840 card ? AT 1024x768 you should be able to crank things up to max I would think.

    You'll aslo have make sure you have the right drivers. The newest ones aren't always the best. I have a lower clocked 640 card, and I can crank every game I play to the max except rainbow 6 vegas for whatever reason.

    Use drive cleaner to remove all your old video drivers, or go up into the device manager and uninstall the video card. Reboot, the card will be "found", and then re-install drivers for the 8800. Don't let windows install any for you....when prompted.
  3. What swifty_morgan said above is on the money. Drivercleaner, reinstall, see how GAMES play. 3DMark means squat. Unless youre shooting for some record on a synthetic benchmark. If you care about playing games look at how your games play because 3DMark will NOT necessarily give you arealistic expectation of how your games will play. For a resolution of 1024x768 the 8800 GTS should be enough to play max on pretty much anything out with smooth gameplay.

    The local store person you spoke to is just trying to sell you a more expensive card imo that you don't actually need.
  4. I have the same card and everything works great. F.E.A.R. 1600x1200 85hz with all maxed out, same with BF2-2142-COD2-HL2Ep1. I'm using latest Nvidia Forceware and fully updated XP Pro. I keep all my OS services/resources down to the bone (160 for local games 180 for online games). My case cooling is efficent but Loud!(CPU Idle 47c-Load 67c GPU is about the same)
    My Hardware: ASUS P5N32-E SLI Plus, P4 651c 3.4mhzOC3.76Mhz-Thermaltake Typhoon, EVGA 8800gts SC ACS3 KO, 2G AllComponents 667MhzOC698Mhz, XiFi Fatali1y, Plextor CDRW, Ultra 550W, WD16MB-250G SATA, WD8MB-80MB PATA133.
    Any questions - just ask, I'll help if possible!
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