CD disk drive says "insert disk" when disk is already in

I put in a disk and a window comes up stating "insert disk" but I already have the disk in. I went to "run" but cannot remember what it is that you write in to get the disk to open; like a open and install on the "run."

I am not saavy with the inner workings of the PC. I can get around the web with no problem and use most of the programs like Word, etc.

I am trying to install the disk for a Brother printer I picked up used. This is the disk that I cannot get open. PLEASE HELP! I am lost without it. I have had to resort to writing things down and now I have so many different notebooks that it is driving me insane!

Grandma in Oregon :pt1cable:
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  1. The easiest way to get the drivers, is to go to the printer manufacturer's website and download the newest drivers.

    The problem could be the disc or the drive. Does the disc look scratched or have smudges on it?
  2. Thank you kindly for your response. You were right. The CD was dirty! However, it is printing but it's all babble. When I hit print, the green print light is on, then the red light on the alarm and the green light on the Data comes on. It then prints but I have to hit print a couple of times to get it to print. I did notice in the Printer and Fax Files the check mark was on the Microsoft Document Image Writer. and I un-clicked it, and clicked on Brother PCLE5 Generic Driver. That is where it would print from. Shall I still go to Brother and download drivers from there. Maybe it is as you said, newest drivers?
    Thanks again,
  3. Try printing a test page.

    If it's been sitting around a while, the cartridges could be dry or dirty. You may need to run the maintenance to clean the print heads. Or simply replace the cartridges.
  4. I will do that. Thank you for all your help and yes, apparently it had been sitting for a while when I got it.

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