Interface scsi II via USB2 or Firewire

Is there an adapter available to interface a
Ricoh 450DE scanner via USB2 or Firewire with a Vista 64 HP system? Would like to avoid adding scsi card if possible.
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  1. Page 4 shows you have a SCSI port on the scanner...

    Here is the cable you need for a SCSI to USB adapter cable...
  2. I have been researching this in connection with a Canon DR-3080C, and the question is whether the scanner will be recognized, since the software doesn't know to look for it on a usb port. One of the posts I read elsewhere mentioned that this was a problem when they tried a usb cable to get away from using a scsi host card (unfortunately, I can't remember the exact location of the post - I have been doing a LOT of research these past few days).
  3. bgovan445 - Suggest you open your own thread, if you want your problem to be considered. If you can not identify your reference, then I can not comment on it.
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