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Hello, I use Ventrilo a whole lot (like many gamers) and use the 4th mouse button as my PTT (push-to-talk) key. I however noticed that it's a shortcut in Windows to go back in explorer.exe and in any Web browser. Essentially what I'd like to do is keep the 4th mouse button as it is without having to assign a key press to the button and not go back in any explorer.exe or Web browser window. Is there some sort of option I can tick to keep this annoyance from occurring? I will go as far as delve into the registry if I have to do so. This problem is incredibly annoying. :??: Keep in mind that I'm trying to avoid assigning the button as something else...
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  1. What mouse is it? Usually mice that have several buttons come with software where your able to modify the function of extra buttons.

    Tell me the model of the mouse and I'll probably be able to advise you more on what program/utility to use.
  2. Well i have this same issue with a Logitech M705 and ive used the the downloadable setpoint and I still can't find a way to still be able to bind the key to something (like microphone activation in team speak) without it being a key on my keyboard. Right now I have it set as \ but this causes issues if im in a window or chat box as you could imagine.

    Ive tried a verity of keys and they all are used in one game or another so Im stuck looking for a way to use the key without having it have additional properties.
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