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Hi, I have two partitions one had XP on it and the other Vista, I am not sure what happened but Vista has disappeared and I can't find it. I have booted and when it asks me choose operating system all that is there is XP.

I never deleted Vista can someone give me some ideas of where it went or is hiding or how to get it back?

Much appreciated
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  1. Hi.

    From your XP installation run msconfig, select the boot tab and select "find another OS", select the partition where you have installed Vista, change the timeout to 30 seconds, apply and reboot your PC.
  2. Ok I tried that and I am confused this is what my boot tab says:

    {boot loader}
    {operating systems}
    multi(0)disk(0)rdisk(0)partition(2)windows="microsoft windows XP Professional"/noexecute=optin/fastdetect

    So i can't see where it says vista on here, but I am confused about the default line what does that mean from what I see here it looks like there is one operating system, but what is the other line above that says Windows?

    All that happened was there were two operating systems, and at some point someone put in a disk for xp because we had two operating systems xp and vista, and the disk asked "repair windows XP" and the person did decide to repair and ever since then I can't find Vista?

    Also under the boot tab on the msconfig there is nothing that says "find another OS"

    Please advise
  3. Do u have the Vista DVD? try the "repair system" with the Vista DVD.
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