Would my Sound card be able to handle these speakers...?

Hey guys,

Im looking for some speakers and i beleive i found some good ones. My sound card is the AC97 Realtek. I beleive it's a 5.1 sound card and the speakers i want to get are also 5.1. I was told by some that my sound card could handle the speakers and some other said no. What do you think.


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  1. Is that onboard sound and if so what motherboard do you have? Most current onboard sound supports at least 5.1 and will be sufficiant to run any 5.1 speaker system. You will get superior sound from a dedicated sound card but if all you want is to know if it will work the answer is most likely, yes.
  2. Ok, thanks.

    And by the way, yes it is onbord sound card. My motherbord is the Asus A8N-E
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